My Inspiration

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Growing up in rural Alaska has inspired me to write this book about Irigaks. We were always told stories about the little people who lived in the wilderness and how they would take people away. We never saw them or heard real stories about people from our village being abducted by them so our connection to them did not exist.

Not knowing much about Irigaks inspired me to dig deep into my imagination to create a story, which could teach children a lesson. The moral of the story is using safety precautions while out in the country. Children should always stay close to adults and other people when berry picking or hunting: mostly to prevent being attacked by wild animals or maybe abducted by Irigaks.

Maybe my story is make-believe, but it opens the minds of readers, young and old. It also passes along the oral tradition of little people. Hope you enjoy the book!


Irigak is a fictional children’s story about a young boy who is taken away by little people of the tundra in rural Alaska. When he arrives in Irigak country, he finds some of his friends whom had gone missing years ago and were presumed dead. The Irigaks immediately put the boy to work. While they find the Irigaks to be intimidating and unfriendly, they learn that one of them may be their ticket home.