Iron Dog 2018

It’s that time of the year again! Iron Dog racers pulled into Unalakleet yesterday. Reuben’s friend, Casey Perkins, is running Trail Class and is staying at our house. He pulled into town just after 5 pm. Last night after 4 am, two Pro Class teams came to stay at our house as well. We were expecting Scott Faeo […]

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Leave a Mark

Go ahead and leave a mark… not on my window or mirror, but on the world. You are young. Go out and pursue your passions. I am talking to you young men and women who are still living with your parents at the age of 25. I am talking to you young boys playing video games […]

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Getting Irigak Published

I never would believe it if I didn’t have a copy of the book in my hand! I have always dreamed of publishing a children’s book. In fact, it was part of my bucket list. I started writing my book as a short story for a creative writing class I was taking at UAA a […]

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