Nancy Persons

Irigak is an intriguing children’s book about the mythical little people who live on the Alaskan tundra.

Allie Banwell

Cunningham’s story is a rare combination of funny and cautionary.

-The Arctic Sounder-

Marii Swetzof

Such a good children’s book! Love that the story tells a cultural tale about the little people we’ve heard about growing up in AK. It’s easy for children to read, but also intriguing for us big kids too. 😉


Well written and engaging for young readers. Enough fantasy and adventure to keep the reader turning pages. A nice mix of a traditional native story brought to the present day.


Linaya loves your book. Great book for kids to read.



I love your short story. This book came at a perfect time, a lesson to be learned. Thank you!

read and respond


Great book… so fun to see so many people loving the book and supporting Amber.